Escaped Doodles

Jan. 1, 2020 - Cold in Brenda

Another decade come and gone, and the adventure continues.

We decided to change out the toilet in Sassy (Bigfoot) for a shorter version. This so the drawers in the bathroom will open fully. Picked up a toilet on the way though Prescott but only got around to installing it in early December. What a surprise, the closet flange (bolt ring that holds toilet down) had been modified. The further we looked at it the worse it got. A prior repair was done using a HydroSeat, with NO SEAL. This "repair" left the toilet very shaky and, du, it didn't seal. After much research Hugh figured the original closet flange was made in two pieces and the outer ring, that the T-bolts hold to, had broken away. That left only a smooth plastic flange, no way to bolt the toilet down. The original likely broke because the piping from the black tank isn't straight. Called in the professionals, RV Proctologist from Quatzsite, who specialize in RV tanks and their plumbing. Their conclusion, "you need to remove the black tank to fix. That's a big job and we're not up to doing it. Oh ya, you owe us $100." Removing the tank on a Bigfoot is a big deal, they are enclosed for heating. Hugh finally used two closet flange repair parts to fix it. A thin clam shell ring under the existing flange and one over the flange screwed to the floor. So far so good.

Denise put up a hummingbird feeder outside our front window. Great fun watching the hummingbirds. One day a giant one came by, really big. He was so unique that we named him Flicker.

Denise is still finding rocks and crystals in the desert. One of her recent finds is at the top of the page. She's also doing wire wrap jewelry. The latest adventure has been pure wire wrap with no stone. Here's a tree she did.

We had a sink hole in the front yard. Hugh went around the new shed and coming back fell through the ground, some 2 1/2'. He was very surprised, first that he fell through but also why his feet weren't wet (it had been raining quite a bit). Turns out it was an access to the septic system underneath. Didn't fall through the septic cover, just to the top of it. That would have been stinky and dangerous. As it was he wasn't hurt. The RV Park crew came by with a backhoe and filled in the hole. The theory is they'll dig it out again if access is ever needed.

We finally received the title from California for the Bigfoot. That took about three months, gotta love California. Worked with Americas Mailbox to transfer the title to us. That took some time also. But she is now licensed in South Dakota. Dora, being a very light trailer, had a sub-sized license plate. Sassy has a full sized one.

The main effort for the month, besides the toilet, was on the new shed. We're wiring it for electric and lights, insulation and inside walls. The inside walls are OSB sheathing since it's easier and less expensive than dry wall. We're getting there. Electric is in, insulation and walls up for all but half the roof. Should be finished and ready to use in a week or two. Then on to all the other projects, mainly for Sassy.

We did have a good Christmas, although very low key. Denise put up some seasonal lighting. We also took the kids to see Santa.

It has been cold and wet in Brenda so far, wet and cold at least for southern Arizona. But that's made the desert green.

With this weather the decision to get a shed for hobbies seems right. It's for that in the winter and a storage site for Brutus (Teryx4) in the summer.

We hope 2020 is starting well for you. May you have a clear vision for the New Year.

Safe Travels.