Escaped Doodles

Dec. 1, 2019 - Cold Recovery

As soon as Hugh came back from Oregon he came down with a terrible cold. He's been fighting it the last three weeks but now starting to recover. Denise acquired it a week or two after Hugh and she is still fighting it. Total bummer.

The weather is starting out about like last year. It's cool with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. Had one big rain storm Thanksgiving day and the local washes were running. Could be worse, that storm dumped 2' of snow in Flagstaff and closed I40 and I17. It did hit the entire west and continued across the country. So relatively not bad here.

Overall not much to report. We're making plans for finishing the shed and making a few modifications to Sassy. Little activity though until be both feel better. So much to do though.

Hope the Holidays are off to a good start for you. Ours will be very soon. Take care.