Escaped Doodles

Feb. 1, 2020 - House in Prescott Valley

Well, in some ways a very light month for adventures. But in other ways a highlight. Let's explain that.

We didn't get out into the wilderness very much or often. The other crazy time sinks have taken over our lives for now, but we will return to that crazy life. (What am I saying, it's still way crazy.)

We sold Dora to a couple in Salt Lake. It was bitter sweet, we needed to sell her (can't keep two trailers) but it was very sad seeing her leave. We know she has a great new home though. We may all get together for an adventure or two.

A lot of time has been spent getting our shed functional. We wired it for electricity, to plug into an RV 30A service. Then insulation and OSB wall boards.

Finally painted the walls and finished the electrical plugs/lighting. Lots of plugs 'cuz it is a shop.

You can see we haven't gotten very far with organizing it into a working area. But it holds great promise. Hugh's now working on Sassy to get SiriusXM, WiFi Ranger, WeBoost and MiFi installed and working. Many details to get Sassy ready for summer travels. Denise is starting to use her, new to her, lapidary equipment. Exciting times in this regard.

We've made several trips to Quartzsite for slabs of rock, the first step in making cabochons. Denise is still doing wire wrap.

Last August while we were in Klamath Falls Hugh made up a support for Brutus' spare tire.

There was time this month to mount it on Brutus. The first pic below shows the problem, the receiver hitch spare tire has a giant overhang. Hugh was worried about the receiver breaking from fatigue and it was quite wobbly.

The support fit surprisingly well and made the hitch rock solid. Mark that one a a howling success.

But the real news is we're buying a house in Prescott Valley. This is quite a step and we should close within the next week.

It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home (just right) about 1800 ft^2 (a little big).

It was bought by a developer some 4-5 months ago. He did a real nice job of remodeling and updating, i.e. a "flip" as it should be done.

The lot is big enough for a shop and RV parking, but small and simple enough for easy maintenance.

The shed will go but that's the location for the new shop building. RV parking on the side.

Now this is exciting. We've not spent any time there yet, not till we close. But it'll be a nice place to eventually land.

It made sense as housing prices, particularly in Prescott, are sky rocketing. After selling our house and property in Oregon we had some money in the bank where it was slowly losing value to inflation. We figured the funds are as safe in a house as in the markets. We do hate to have a house to worry about, but overall it makes sense.

So, in one sense our full timing days are over. But we plan to still travel most of the time. Likely spend time in Brenda winters, a few months in Prescott Valley summers (when camping is too crowded to be fun) and travel spring and fall. But it is a brave new world, we shall see.

We'll keep the journal going until we settle in one place. Stay tuned.

Thanks for coming along. And if you are coming along, we'd like to hear from anyone reading these ramblings. Are we keeping track to refer back to when we're real old, or is it of interest to others? Let us know. Thanks.