Escaped Doodles

June 24, 2018 - Run to Canada

We needed to make a quick run up to Canada for a recall on our Escape 19' (trailer) frame. The folks at Escape are wonderful. They let us know of and are willing to fix such recalls for free on our 2011 trailer. I don't know of any other manufacturers who would do this. It would be bad PR for frames to break, but still good service. I hoped to get this done June 21 or 22 but the only opening they had was for June 20. So a very quick trip to Chilliwack starting June 18.

We planned to stay at a BLM camp in a canyon just north of Yakima (Hwy 821), Big Pine CG. But after a long drive we found the campgrounds closed, don't know why but they were. So we stopped at Yakima River RV in Ellensburg, WA. Expensive for water electric but no sewer at $40. Nice enough but still. Had a nice sunset though.

Then a run to Sumas Tuesday night (Sumas RV, $30). Good overnight stop.

Wednesday we shot across the border as Sumas. Saw this stretch pickup and thought it would be great with a giant fifth wheel on the back. Now that rig couldn't be turned around anywhere!

The stop at the Escape factory went smoothly. They were expecting us and got us in right away. Only took two hours of so and we were on the road back to Sumas and points south.

Having four plus days to get back, instead of the two up, we decided to take Hwy 20 over the Cascades for the scenery and to avoid Seattle, then down Hwy 97. We had to be in Klamath Falls to get a canopy for our new pickup on Monday June 25. First night we stayed in the North Cascades National Park ($8 for old people). It rained like crazy driving there but let up some overnight. It is truly a rain forest.

The scenery was nice but it was a quick trip so it went by fast. We remember several days of great scenery when we biked this route east to west. The pic at the top of the page and below.

Some rough roads along the way. The cupboard above the kitchen opened somewhere in transit. The only casualty was a cup. But it was one Hugh won at the 1990 IHPVA competition in Portland, OR. Another momento gone.

Next stop was Sawk CG south of Wenatchee, WA ($9 for old people). Nice Forest Service camp but the sites are quite small. Being tired by now and out of sorts, Hugh backed into a tree (in a pull through site, go figure, what a clutz). Not much damage, just a bracket for the awning. Found one online and ordered it, Prime, so it should be waiting for us when we get to South Dakota.

We aimed for Haystack Reservoir CG north of Redmond, OR to stay Friday and Saturday, June 22-23. But alas it was full before 3:00. Next pick was Skull Valley seemingly in the middle of nowhere. We got a spot there and stayed, as planned, two nights ($10/night for old people). Found out this is the closest CG to Smith Rock and draws a lot of climbers. Didn't do much, just rested Saturday and it was good. Might be some hiking and mountain biking near, but we rested.

Sunday June 24 we made it back to Klamath Falls, OR for two days at the KOA. If we get the canopy as planned, we'll pack up and hit the road for South Dakota Tuesday.

Life's good so far.