Escaped Doodles

June 18, 2018 - Starting Out!

It was a whirlwind of at least two months, or maybe a year. We returned from winter 2018 in Arizona the first week or April. The first goal was to clean up the house and "stage" it for showings. This was accomplished by the third week of May when it went on the market. The response was very positive and we received a good offer within 10 days. However they wanted to close by June 12, not much time to sort our life's possessions, store what we wanted to keep, and have a giant sale. SO, we arranged for two estate sales, one at our storage unit and one at our house. We tied down the dates for both sales and contracted these out. The sale at the house was June 8-9, very tight time line.

But, after the dates were set the buyer realised she needed more time to obtain a loan. Closing was reset for July 1. Well, the sale dates were set so we held to that schedule. The sale at the storage unit went well. This also cleared that unit to receive the keep pile from the house. We needed to be out by June 6 to allow the sales people to set up and price items for the sale at the house. We took off on June 6.

June 6 we moved into Dora. First stop was KOA of Klamath Falls for two nights. This was downtown, one of it's few redeeming qualities. OK, really a pretty nice KOA, but expensive at some $50/day. Being in town allowing final details to be dealt with.

June 8 we moved to Topsy CG. This is at the John C. Boyle dam just past Keno on Hwy 66. A small but very nice BLM campground on the shores of a Klamath River reservoir. And for us seniors it was only $3.50/day. We stayed there for 12 days or so.

The Klamath Basin is a premier birding location. We really enjoyed watching a flock of white pelicans. Also an osprey who lived near our camp.

There was much to finish up in town and the 30 minute drive each was from Topsy was a burden.

We realised that the buyer of our house came by the sale. She picked up the mattress for the Murphy bed, dining room set, patio furniture and TV leaving them in place until she moved in. SO, we moved back to our empty house, camping inside. We took the bare essentials from Dora including cooking gear and camp chairs. It was comfortable but not ideal having our minimal stuff in two locations.

The closing date was finally moved from July 1 back to June 18, we learned this late on Friday the 15th. The next Monday morning was busy with closing, final clearing out of the house and terminating all the utilities. So after closing on June 18 we were free to move at will.

Well, kinda free. We need to make a quick trip to Canada for a trailer frame recall, then off the South Dakota to set up domicile.

P.S. We did buy a new tow vehicle to replace the well loved XTerra. Terra just didn't have the space or load capacity for all the stuff we plan to take with us. It is a RAM crew cab short bed 2500 diesel in blue. Great for towing, not so good for around town.