Escaped Doodles

July 1, 2018 - Fast Run to South Dakota!

The whirlwind continues. After our quick trip to Canada we needed to be in South Dakota July 1. After picking up a canopy for our new truck June 25 we headed east.

First night was at Virgin Valley Wildlife Refuge outside Denio. This is a great free camp if your travelling Hwy 140 between Lakeview and Winnemucca. There is a natural warm water swimming hole with attached warm water bath house. Opal mining in the area and an interesting canyon just north. We need to go back for a longer stay to investigate the canyon. But this trip just overnight.

Then to the Iron Horse RV in Elko, NV. Nice RV park but again we just spent a quick overnight. ($34)

The third night we stayed at the Knolls OHV Recreation Area. It's an outcropping of hills about half way across The Great Salt Lake. With our America the Beautiful Senior Pass it was $3. The sunset above was taken there. The wind blew like crazy all night bringing a good bit of sand with it. But we had the place all to ourselves. Another good stop over weekdays, it could be busy and noisy on weekends.

For Friday and Saturday we stayed at the Travel Camp in Green River, WY ($39) and Platte River RV in Glenrock, WY ($40). The Travel Camp was a good overnight camp. No pool or hot tub but still OK. We had great hopes for the Platte River RV. It's right on the Platte River so we envisioned letting the dogs swim and relaxing a little. But it was a soggy mess with a ton on mosquitoes. Neither was the parks fault, but kinda killed our visit. The bathroom facilities were marginal and RV sites with hookups were a long ways from the river. But it served for the night.

Finally made it to Box Elder, SD on Sunday. We'll be here for the month of July setting up domicile and working out those details. We're at Americas Mailbox for the month. Will give more details on SD next installment.

You can now get an idea of our travel style. This "Fast" trip to South Dakota covered some 250 miles/day. For some those would be short days, but for us about the most we can comfortably do. We're wimps I guess.