Escaped Doodles

July 4, 2020 - Suspension

We braved the Pandemic in mid-May with a quick trip to Oregon. Three days up, four days in Klamath Falls and three days back to Prescott Valley. The purpose was to clear out the storage unit there and bring all that stuff down to PV. Drove up with the pickup and utility trailer. Rented a U-Haul and pulled the small 4x8 trailer behind it for the return trip. Rented a forklift and loaded the lathe and mill onto the large utility trailer which we pulled with Larry.

The trip was a success. We safely moved everything down to Arizona. Took us a couple of weeks to recover as such trips are a lot harder that when we were 30.

Since the Oregon trip we've just been setting up and organizing the house. It's in reasonable shape now. Still trying to figure out what to do for permanent curtains. But it's much more livable that a month or two ago. Life just keeps getting better.

Hugh's made progress setting up a new shop. We were going to build a shop building but that quickly became very expensive. So we decided to use two bays of the three car garage for the shop. We had a contractor put in a wall, with added electric, to separate the shop space. So, Hugh has about the space he had in Oregon. It is working out well.

All in all we've getting settled. Are starting to feel the urge to get back on the road, at least part time, though. But with the raging Pandemic we don't know when that will be. So, we've decided to suspend this Journal until we're back out having long distance adventures. We hope that is this fall but Corona may have a different idea. Corona is preventing changes in latitude.

Stay save and healthy.

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