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May 1, 2020 - Sparse Living

So, we're in Prescott Valley living with stuff we've pulled from Sassy. It seemed like a lot of stuff while we were living there but spread around a full sized house not so much. We're quite comfortable though and would hate to go through a Pandemic in Sassy, particularly with all the RV park facilities closed. So, we're hanging out waiting until we can travel again.

We are looking forward to an Oregon trip to bring our belongings from storage down. It feels like we're between peaks in the Pandemic so a decent time to do this. We fear if we don't it'll be August or later before we can.

We were both ill for April. Hugh had minor symptoms while Denise was quite sick. This lasted three or four weeks. Very strange symptoms and a virus we have not encountered before. Not typical covid-19 but strange and variable symptoms. Denise was tested for covid-19 which showed negative, but we still wonder. Only hope it does not turn around for another hit and run.

We found a very nice park, Mountain Valley Park, about a quarter mile from the PV house. Hard to walk to as the streets are narrow and there are no sidewalks. However, once there it's nice walking. We get the dogs there every day or two. The heron below was pictured there.

Hugh's done more work on Sassy. Busy building a cabinet door to cover the, now empty, microwave opening. (can always use extra storage.) Also building a new shelf for cloths storage. He decided to open up the hole in the roof where the FM antenna was to get all the antenna wires through. He mounted a box over the hole for the FM and SiriusXM antennas, with extra outlets on the back for WiFi Ranger and WeBoost antennas.

There were many asian cockroaches outside the garage. A call to the exterminators has pretty much fixed that problem. A bunch of ants along the fence lines and one nest of termites. Took care of the termites even though they were some distance from the house. Met two lizards in the small shed out back. But think they were chased off by the kingsnake, also in the shed. We've heard they keep rattle snakes away, so he can stay.

Then, there was a small swarm of honey bees in a bush beside Sassy. Tried to find a bee keeper to come and hive them, but couldn't connect before they moved on. It was fun for a little while though.

The only outting we've had was a drive up towards Mingus Mt., in the direction of Jerome. Made it up to an overlook used to launch hang gliders. Might be fun to go watch when they are active. Walked a trail along the rim maybe a quarter of a mile. Nice views towards Cottonwood, Sedona and the San Fancisco Peaks (at top).

We're sitting out the Pandemic in Prescott Valley. We will be back on the road as soon as we can.

Stay healthy.

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