Dora - our Escape 19

In 2014 we purchased a used 2011 Escape-19. Used but like new, very nice condition. Escape Trailers are built in British Columbia. A 19' fiberglass trailer having a bathroom and queen sized bed.

We've taken several longer trips with Dora. A couple of two months to Arizona and one month trips to Wyoming and Southern Utah. We traveled full time and living in our Escape for about a year and a half. Saddly we sold Dora in December 2019 after buying a 2018 25' Bigfoot. The Escape 19 is a very nice trailer for trips of a few months, a little tight for full time though. At least for us with two large labradoodles.

From the factory the sink and stove top were reversed in the original order. This allows the overhead fan act as the stove vent. Thus, there is no hood over stove.

I've made several modifications. A few we knew would be needed when we purchased the trailer with additional mods coming along the way. Here are descriptions.


The Escape, Dora, with the XTerra, Terra, make a very nice rig for us. However, for traveling full time we decided we needed more storage. So we bought a RAM 2500 diesel with a canopy. Terra was OK for towing and the RAM is overkill, but rock solid. Easier towing with the RAM but it's not as nice for running errands around town.

Safe Travels.