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Medical. What we did!

We are eligible for Medicare and started it before beginning our Fulltime travels. Original Medicare pays about 80% of bills and works anywhere. Great coverage for Fulltimers. We also have Supplemental (Medigap) insurance. Ours is a high deductible Plan F. This covers nothing until out of pocket expenses hit some $5000, i.e. it only pays when health expenses are very high. As such it is real insurance, it pays when costs become extreme. The advantage is HD Plan F premiums are quite affordable. We also have Part D prescription drug plans. These help with the few expensive drugs we use. From our research we found that Medigap plans are applicable nationwide, we didn't need to change plans due to our South Dakota move. Prescription Drug Plans (Part-D) however are local or regionally based. We couldn't directly transfer these plans but obtained substantially equivalent plans from the same companies. We'll review these choices during open enrolment as we usually do.

We don't have a good solution for doctors. We've decided to keep the doctors we now have and schedule appointments every six months all in the same week. We then travel back through our old home town of Klamath Falls twice a year. This should work well and give us a chance to touch base with old friends.

When we decide where we'll move when we land, after Fulltiming, we'll likely buy a house there, and rent it out till we're ready for it. Hopefully the rental income will pay for any renovations needed/desired before we move in. Once we know where we'll be we'll likely start transitioning to doctors local to that area.

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