Escaped Doodles

Nov. 1, 2019 - Prescott

We spent the last two weeks of October in Prescott. Well, Prescott and Prescott Valley.

First stop was White Spar CG. National Forest camp but at the city limits of Prescott. Getting later in the year so not too crowded, at least weekdays. Weekends still fill up. We saw a few more tarantulas at White Spar. Should be getting towards the end of their migration.

There are a good number of trails leading out of White Spar. Actually there are many hiking and mountain biking trails all over Prescott. Did several of the close trails with the dogs. Nice on the weekdays when not too busy. We do wonder how much busier they are during the summer. At the top of a hill, some 1/2 mile from the CG we found this impromptu memorial. No sign or plaque but we think it's for the Granite Mountain Hotshots. 19 were lost in the Yarnell fire not far from Prescott. There are 19 flags so it seems to fit.

We drove Ruby to Phoenix for an ultra-sound. She was checked from nose to tail and they could find no tumors or abnormalities. That Vet could find no problems with her kidneys. This is strange as several years ago our Vet in Oregon found one kidney failing, which showed up on an ultra-sound. Returned to Prescott for another blood test. A few days earlier the Vet found very high calcium levels in a blood test. This second test ruled out more nasty possibilities, and the second blood test was normal. So we have managed to puzzle at least three Vets, no idea what's going on. She does run out of gas quickly when walking or running around. I suppose we'll love her as long as we can.

We had appointments with our new GP (nurse practitioner), Naturopath, Chiropractor, Dermatologist, etc. Seems more and more complex as we get older. But we're OK. Denise took an instant dislike for the new GP. So much so that she found another one. She called her Naturopath and asked for a referral to someone the Naturopath could work with. So we'll be driving over to Prescott several times to meet Denise's new GP, Hugh for the Dermatologist, etc.

The last week of October we moved to Orchard Ranch RV Resort. This park is on the south east of Prescott Valley, almost to Dewey-Humbolt. Nice for an RV Park. We were disappointed that they closed the whirl pool the first of October. We were looking forward to that.

It is getting cold up here. Must be time to head for Brenda. Our propane furnace started to malfunction soon after moving to Orchard Ranch. Upsetting but we have a space heater which heats the place well. If it happened at White Spar we would be cold. Hugh's done some Internet research and has a few ideas about fixing it. We ordered a few parts to be sent to Brenda, we hope one of these will fix the problem.

It's hard to get RV repairs done in a reasonable time frame. All the service centers think it's an RV and can be left there for a few days or a week plus. Well, it's our home so leaving it overnight really isn't an option.

Our time in Prescott seemed very busy. Probably due to having appointments spread through the whole time. But we made it through. We're now in Brenda at Desert Gold RV Park a few days early. That is good, it's a lot warmer here than Prescott. Very nice. We should get our new shed delivered Saturday Nov. 2.

Happy Trails.